Wireguard to Shadowsocks on Android


I am trying to setup a shadowsocks tunnel on Android to forward wireguard traffic to an upstream shadowsocks listener for obfuscation. I have it working successfully on a Windows Desktop using this method - shadowsocks-android - Shadowsocks

Flow on Android: Wireguard → Shadowsocks (listener → Shadowsocks Server (mode tcp/udp).

Sample Windows Shadowsocks-client config

“mode”: “tcp_and_udp”,
“locals”: [
“local_address”: “”,
“local_port”: 1080,
“forward_address”: “”,
“forward_port”: 1276,
“protocol”: “tunnel”

I would really like some expert opinions on this topic.

Thank you!

Any developers willing to take a crack at it for contract work?

Did you complete this obs?