Shadowsocks VPN questions

Hi, my name is Abelle) I searched your site as much as I could but still didn’t find some information.
Here are the questions I want to clarify:

How many devices can I connect to at one time?
In how many countries does your VPN have servers?
How many servers globally do you have in the world? I need a number, not a list)
How many servers does your VPN have in the US? How many are in the UK?
How many IP addresses does your VPN have?
Is your VPN service always free?
In which country is your vpn based? (I mean the country where the vpn was created, where is your office and support center, possibly server capacity) The US?
In which country is your jurisdiction? (I mean the country, the laws of which your vpn is subject, according to the laws of which you store data.)
Does your VPN keep logs?
Does your VPN have a kill switch?
Is your vpn available for windows, android, ios, mac, ubuntu, Linux, router, chrome, safari, edge, firefox (browser extensions)?
What types of encryption does your vpn support?
What streaming platforms can I access if I use your vpn? (for e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, ESPN+, Crackle (Sony), Sling TV, Fubo TV, HBO (Now, Max), Hulu, Disney+.) Have you tested all these streaming platforms to know for sure that your vpn will unblock them? Also, do you have any special servers for streaming platforms? Or can I use any server to watch Netflix, for example?
Sorry for so many questions, I’m just trying to figure it out. Thanks!

Shadowsocks is not a VPN service. It is an application you can use to create your own VPN service.