Shadowsocks can access the internet, but not the servers other resources

Hi all,

Having a bit of an issue with Shadowsocks Android… I have a Shadowsocks-Rust service running on an online VPS (switched from shadowsocks-libev, but the problem exists with both attempts). When using a PC, I can access both the internet and the resources on the server (such as Gitea).

When using Shadowsocks Android, however, I am only able to access the internet with it; I can’t ping the private network range of the server, use its DNS server or access any other services running on it. On PCs, this all works fine out of the box, no special settings required.

I would add that I have Cloak installed in order to obfuscate Shadowsocks, OpenVPN and Wireguard. On my mobile phone this limits my choice to Shadowsocks as Cloak does not offer any plugins or wrappers for either OpenVPN or Wireguard on Android.

Do I need to apply any special routing perhaps? If so, can someone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: