Question about custom rule

Just wanna check with you great guys:
does ss-android support filter a domain with different paths?
For example, I have two links, namely:

    If I set a rule:$
    both links will pass through the proxy.
    Can I consider the path, create a rule, just like$ to just allow the first link to pass through the proxy?

No. This is not supported as this would only work for HTTP, but not HTTPS.

Dear mygod:
Firstly, thanks for the great app developed and maintained by you.
I know currently this method is working for http only; I also know, at present, ss-local can obtain hostname or domain name for requests. For me, I also wanna obtain the path for a http request with ss-local on android devices.

For example:

For request:
Now the ss-local integrated with ss-android can obtain the domain name:

However, I dont know where I can insert some codes in the ss-local (local.c) to get the path [/music/goodboy.mp3 for the example].

Could you give some tips, thanks very much!

I’m sorry, I’ve searched almost all the links using google search, but no luck or any responses. Please give me some tips, thank you very much.

It won’t work for HTTP either. It’s only a theoretical possibility.

I can tell you it’s probably in local.c but you shouldn’t expect me to tell you what exact changes you should make.