POEditor translation main thread

We are moving #1142 here. Please create new topics with tag translation for any discussions/questions.

This topic is used to provide general guidelines on translations and maintain a list of current proofreaders.


  • It’s okay to leave some strings untranslated if you think it should use the same string as English (US).
  • faq_url should not be changed. If you’d like to translate FAQ, submit a pull request with the translated faq.md like such (it should be named properly, e.g. .github/faq.zh-CN.md). Project maintainers will take care of the rest.
  • Do not add/edit/remove comments. Use this forum with tag translation instead.
  • In addition to contributing missing translations, you can also contribute by updating the translations with the fuzzy sign [F] next to the strings.
  • Avoid using ... (three dots), use instead.

Having read the guidelines, you can move on to translate the project. :+1:

This page including these guidelines might be updated from time to time, so please check back for updates.


Proofreaders’ job is to approve translations. Proofreaders are needed only when there are at least 2 active contributors to the same language. And inactive proofreaders will probably get replaced. sweat In addition, access to other languages will be revoked for proofreaders to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Note that only proofread strings will be imported to our project. Proofread strings will have a tick :ballot_box_with_check: next to the string.

Current proofreaders:

  • @sunsysjp: Japanese