Outline and Shadowsocks

Hi all!

Recently I’ve set up Outline via Digital Ocean.

So - as not that savvy user - I have a question to ask: is it Shadowsocks? Does it mean that I’m already using Shadowsocks or it’s the common VPN?

If I’m not using Shadowsocks,please give me the proper link to set up it step by step using Digital Ocean.

The Outline site does link to a shadowsocks implementation for its server component.

@solus yes, Outline uses Shadowsocks as its protocol. For that reason you can use any of the Shadowsocks clients to talk to an Outline server. You can also use the Outline client to connect to most shadowsocks servers, but the server muse support UDP and the client doesn’t support plugins or non-AEAD ciphers (they are unsafe!!).

I highly recommend using the Outline Manager to create and manage your server, which you can find at https://getoutline.org.