No such file or directory

hello …
after long time to try run the project on my phone i had successful to run it and bilud the native libs for each platform arm and X86 and …
Now when i try to connect to my shadowsocks server i got this error :

2024-01-12 22:05:14.271 31346-31346 BaseServic…artCommand com.github.shadowsocks W Cannot run program “/data/app/com.github.shadowsocks-qyUkpXuteXSn_0cuLGoZLw==/lib/arm/” (in directory “/data/user_de/0/com.github.shadowsocks/no_backup”): error=2, No such file or directory

I have make sure if the is exist so it’s exsit but still get that error .
any idea ,Thanx …

Just resolve my issue by adding
android {
packagingOptions {
jniLibs.useLegacyPackaging = true
to my project build gradle thanx …