I got Unresolved reference: ShadowsocksClient

hello …
I am try to implementation ‘com.github.shadowsocks:shadowsocks_2.11:4.2.0’ in my build.gradle android project .
Now evry things works fine and the shadowsocks lib has been successful added to build.gradle ,
Now i try to use it to establish a new shadowsocks proxy connection like :slight_smile:
// import shadowsocks lib
import com.github.shadowsocks;

  ShadowsocksClient ssClient = new ShadowsocksClient();

    // Example server details
    String serverAddress = "your_server_address"; // e.g., ""
    int serverPort = 8388; // Port number
    String password = "your_password";
    String method = "aes-256-cfb"; // Encryption method

    // Configure the Shadowsocks client
    ssClient.setServerInfo(serverAddress, serverPort, password, method);

    // Start the VPN service

but unfortunately i got Unresolved reference: ShadowsocksClient !!
What i have missed here ?