Dns floods with shadowsocks-android

Dear folks:
I’m using the latest version of shadowsocks-andorid; but now I’m have a trouble with the version. Personally, I don’t want the app forward and dns request to remote server, so I did configure or enable any option for dns forwarding. Even so, when I check the log info on the remote server, I still find boatloads of dns requests to dns.google:53. I wanna the app just use the local dns server as I have no any dns pollution problem. Anybody now how disable this forwarding behavior? It is really annoying. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

This feature is not supported by shadowsocks-android. I am not sure why you need that but feel free to fork the repo and change the behavior to tune for your needs.

Hi mygod.
Thanks for your reply.
Previous version did not have such issue, would not send any dns request to remote server; I dont know the latest version changed the configuration.